Thirty one year old José better known as VJ, recorded his first album “My Style” with the contribution from various Mozambican producers, in 2006, placing himself in the mainstream market. In 2007, he performed his first international shows in South Africa and Swaziland respectively. In 2008, he released his second album “Recomecar”, where he explored more of the Afro and Zouk rhythms. This album was quite a success and won him four top awards in the country. José has been researching on national rhythms, mixing some popular traditional songs with new rhythms; this is reflected in his third album. Released in 2013,”Minha Historia” has seen José interpret a duet with Zena Bacar and also a song from Malada, both of which were big Mozambican hits in the 80sAfter almost ten years of his musical career, José is arguably the current most famous and acclaimed Mozambican musician, having shared the stage with singers from PALOP (African Portuguese Speaking Countries) such as Paulo Flores, Matias Damasio, Don Kikas, and Stewart Sukuma among others.

José does not come from a musical family but he started singing at the tender age of ten, in 1993.Before going on stage, he always does vocal exercise and hydration. In his free time, José enjoys talking to the band members and drinking whisky. José’s voice is his prized possession.