Marllen recorded her first original song “Ximate” produced by N’star when she was 18 years old after participating in a local music reality show “Fantastico” with her own dancing group dubbed “Kina Fusion” which made her famous. In 2007, she released her first album “Negra Africana” which gave her opportunities to perform in different countries in Southern African.

In 2008, released her second debut album “Preta Negra” from which her career took off. Her first song from the album “Preta Negra” recorded in 2007 became such a success and she went on to be known as “Petra Negra” or “Marllen Petra Negra” increasing her demand in Africa.

Marllen got to share a stage with the South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka also known as the “Princess of Africa”, in a duet at the African Union Summit 2010, in Kampala Uganda. In 2012, she concluded her education in Cultural Management, reinforcing her know-how about artistic career.

In 2013, Marllen recorded and released her recent hit single “Muxtado” meaning marriage after giving birth to her first child. Marllen is currently finishing her third album titled “Muxtado” dedicated to the course of her life, from the start of her career to her marriage. Music is very important to Marllen, as it’s a way for her to express how she feels having started her music career at the age of 15 while still a theatre actress. Getting into music, she picked up what she had learnt in the theatres from singing, dancing and playing the guitar. In her free time, she repeatedly listens to her own songs, while drinking water and taking fruits.