Daniel Kigozi, the artist known as ‘Navio’ is a young, dynamic and talented musician. He first emerged on the music scene in the year 2001 as part of the group ‘Klear Kut’. He then embarked on a solo career in March 2008 starting up his self-titled company ‘NavCorp Limited’ the umbrella company under which all Navio production is released.

As solo act, Navio won Best Video at the PAM Award 2007 and Best Hip-Hop Artist in 2008.
His launch for his album “Half the Legend” was the biggest hip-hop show in Ugandan history. Quality has been a huge part of Navio’s progression as an artist, and Navio has always needed it to gain the appeal that is now giving him more of the international recognition he deserves.

Navio’s first time in a studio was when he was 10 years old. He dabbled with the piano as a kid but vocals took over as a primary instrument. Navio writes his own songs as he has so many words floating around his head and his inspiration is drawn from life, rage and women! Before going on stage Navio has to see a picture of the crowd, so the manager has to go and take one. He also says a “gangster” prayer, nothing cute or rehearsed and it’s usually with a lot of hip-hop slang in it. In his free time, he plays basketball, something still close to his heart, but he also listens to music.