Provoke is one of most avant-garde producers in Kenya with utmost creativity and undisputed quality. After working as a ghost writer and producer, he went on to start his own production facility and studio: Provoke Music.

He is currently teaming with other music professionals in a project he initiated dubbed “Dance Africa” with the aim of promoting the continent’s diverse music to showcase it to the world. It has caught the interest of artists and other music professionals across the content including South Africa’s HHP, Angola’s Maya Zuda and Nigeria’s Olamide.

So far he has been able to work on various music projects with top artists like Wangechi, Fena, Karun, Dela, Rabbit, Avril, Jay A Madtraxx, Octopizzo, Camp Mulla, Mejja, Kenny Young, Collo, Marushka among others.


Provoke resulted to production out of frustration. He was in a rap group called Vaksin and they couldn’t find a producer who understood the direction they wanted to take. As much as the group did not take off, as his friends decided to pursue other careers, his dream did not end there. Those who did were on the other hand too expensive so he opted to do it all himself.

His interest in music production peaked in 2005 when Ambrose Akwabi, producer of Mandugu Digital took him under his wing and mentored him on Music production.

He has a Masters in sound engineering, music business and music production from Popakademia Music School in Mannheim, Germany.


It is rumoured that he is partially deaf, nobody really knows if that’s true.

He was in a rap group Vaksin from the age of thirteen during his first year in high school. By the time he was seventeen provoke had worked with top hip hop artists such as Kalamashaka, Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, Chidi Benz from Tanzania and Mashifta among others.

The 28-year-old music wizard worked on Coke Studio Africa Season 2 and never disappointed.