Influential musician Neyma is often regarded as Mozambique’s Beyonce. With a powerful voice, a larger than life presence on stage, it’s safe to say that she was born an entertainer. Her music is mainly of the local Marrabenta style, but she sometimes spices it up with Afro Zouk and Kizomba. Neyma’s music career spans close to 17 years filled with great achievements and international appearances in countries like South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Portugal, Reunion Island, China, Cape Verde, Holland, Germany, Brazil and North America.



Neyma is a product of a 1995 national TV talent discovery program Fantasia, where she emerged second. However, her voice was already etched into the minds of Mozambican music lovers. In 2002, she was voted as the Most Popular Female Artist, solidifying her place in Mozambique’s music industry. She has won several Channel O awards including Best Song (Lirandzu) and Best African Artist.



Neyma discovered her passion for music at a young age while in church. From the time she discovered her talent and performed before a national audience years later, she never turned back. Neyma officially launched her career in 1999 and has six albums to her name; Brigas (1999), Baila (2002), Renascer (2001), Arromba (2005), Idiomas (2006), Neyma 10 Anos (2010) and Neyma Greatest Hits (2014). She is now looking to new horizons with her latest album currently in production.  



Neyma was born on May 6, 1979 and had a childhood flowered with the winds of change experienced in a newly independent country. Coming from a modest upbringing, Neyma would constantly work at her dreams to create a future for herself.