Wawa is a performer and composer from Madagascar, well known for his tracks that adopt the local musical genre known as Salegy. His unique music style fuses Salegy and Goma from the Northern part of Madagascar. His album "Sômasômahely" has earned him massive recognition both at home and abroad. He makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 paired alongside Kiff No Beat from Ivory Coast.


Wawa started his solo music career in 2003. His style has charmed a very wide audience across all ages, especially after the release of his second album "Eh Makoalahy” in 2004. He is one of the few, if not the only artiste to have had a total of 170 performances on the Grande Ile, not to mention his tours abroad. He has continued to perform in sold out shows both in Madagascar and abroad - a true show of his growing fan base.


An artiste like no other, Wawa spends most of his time in his studio composing, arranging and editing his music and videos.

Wawa says: Music has always been part of my life. I feel like myself as soon as I feel the vibe of the salegy. Every time my heart beats, it is this rhythm that I feel. Music flows in my veins and that's what I notice when I see my fans dancing during the shows… I do not intend to stop until the salegy is recognized throughout the world.”


Andrihamahazo Joel Issoubaly, better known as Wawa, was born in 1982 in Nosy – Be. At 11-years-old, he was already playing in cabarets and was a member of a small family group called Star Boys, where he played the drums. By the time he turned 16, the young talented Wawa got spotted by Dr JB, who recruited him as a drummer in the Jaguar II band where he played until 2003, before embarking on his solo career.