The French – Congolese rapper Youssoupha is undoubtedly one of Africa’s greatest exports. He continues to receive critical acclaim and recognition thanks to his steady career and powerful fourth studio album “NGRTD” (Negritude) released in 2015. Youssoupha has been nominated in a number of high profile award ceremonies including at the MTV Africa Music Awards (2014) for the Best Francophone Award. In 2017, he makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa paired with Mama Africa, Nigeria’s Yemi Alade.


Releasing his debut album “To Each Brother” in 2007, Youssoupha’s music career launched on a high note, closely followed by the second album “On the Paths of Return” two years later. On top of touring and performing his music around the world, Youssoupha has sold more than 400,000 records to date. His latest project “NGRTD” has a conscious message. He says his is: “Passionate, uninhibited and positive music for his fans and to the world”.

On the album he has collaborated with top rappers in the game including Lino, Disiz, Alonzo and Medina on the hit single “Points Communs” and Ayo in “Love Musik”.


Youssoupha is passionate about rap and draws his influence from works by legendary artistes like MC Solaar. With NGRTD, he intended to continue a legacy that was started more than 50 years ago by Aimé Césaire and Leopold Sedar Senghor - to restore dignity to the black continent and thus affirm the universality of humanity.


Born Youssoupha Mabiki in Congo, the rapper moved to France at the age of 10. A graduate of Paris-Sorbonne University, he has always wanted to use his music to change the views of people and challenge them to be different from the normal clichés. Youssoupha is continuously bringing out the best of his culture in his music to share it with fans.