Abush Zeleke is currently one of the most influential Oromiffa singers, and has risen to become one of Ethiopia’s biggest music stars. With hit singles such as “Maaloo Intaloo”, “Jaljilo” and “Anekan”, the gravel-voiced singer makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa 2019, paired alongside Lourena Nhate (Mozambique), with their music collaborations produced by Uganda’s Daddy Andre.


With the release of his two albums “Menalali”, and “Jaljilo”; Abush became an instant star in Ethiopia. His album “Jaljilo” incorporates more than six languages: Kiswahili, Oromiffa, Amharic, Somali, Konso, and Burji, and was released complete with music videos for each song.


A multi-talented star, Abush directs his own music videos - a passion that was ignited by a visit to Universal Studios in Hollywood. He has gone on to open his own studio, known as ‘Rofa’, to continue pursuing his dream of making films. Abush has toured in various countries and is applauded by fans for his colourful music videos, which are always aimed at highlighting his culture.


Born and raised in Hageremaryam, Ethiopia, Abush Zeleke credits his success to the education and skills he acquired growing up around the Borena and Guji regions of Northern Ethiopia. While still in school, he started performing with the “Gumigayo Band” before moving to Addis Ababa to pursue a career in music. He also attended a creative arts institution to learn more about videography and directing.